As we go through life, the hardships we encounter can be traumatizing and can negatively impact our day-to-day lives. This can lead us to wonder, “Will I ever be free of this pain?” Sometimes trauma is a result of abuse-sexual, mental or physical. Below are some feelings and thoughts common to trauma and abuse survivors, see if any of them resonate with you:

  • I feel panicky or fearful when something reminds me of the abuse
  • I often feel distant from others, though I want to be close
  • I feel a need be in control
  • I feel frustrated and stuck in my negative feelings and memories
  • I feel confusion and shame about what happened
  • I have nightmares about what happened
  • There are things that I don’t think I can share with anyone, though I wish I could

At Wild Salt Counseling it is our mission to empower people so that they can make changes in their lives that lead to personal freedom and connected, fulfilling relationships.

Together, we can work to restore your personal strength and increase trust in yourself. We will also work on concrete strategies that lead to healthier patterns of behavior, communication and emotional connection.

Additionally, I work with individuals who are struggling with a range of emotional and life struggles, including anxiety, depression, life/work balance and transitions, and relationship challenges.